The Secretary of Energy Visits Tech Square

The third Cabinet member to visit Tech Square since February, U.S. Secretary of Energy Dr. Ernest Moniz came to the heart of Atlanta’s technology scene while in town to give the keynote address at the Quadrennial Energy Review.

While at Tech Square, Moniz and his entourage toured Georgia Tech's Enterprise Innovation Institute and the new Southern Company Energy Innovation Center, taking time to review joint projects and a network of partners and startups working with Southern Company. Following this stop, Moniz spent time at the Carbon Neutral Energy Solutions Laboratory adjacent to the Technology Enterprise Park.  

"We have a multi-decade long history of partnering with the Department of Energy," explained Michael Britt, vice president of the Southern Company Energy Innovation Center, "Secretary Moniz wanted to visit Georgia Tech and one of the things he wanted to see was Tech Square. We showed somethings that were Southern Company innovations and innovations from our partners, like Emrgy."

As reported, "Emrgy harnesses hydropower through unused energy resources in small or shallow water flows to offset grid power consumption, without interruptions through their patented machinery. In June, the Atlanta Technology Development Center (ATDC) added Emgry to its roster of “Signature” companies, those deemed most ready to succeed, get investors, and thrive as stand-alone enterprises."

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