Hump Day Exchange: Life in the Smart City

Presented in partnership between Sandbox ATLATDC, and GT's Scheller College of Business, the Hump Day Exchange is one part social gathering of the Tech Square community and one part podcast recording.

After enjoying some Doggy Dogg ATL and Bahama Blast Sno Cones, the Tech Square community members soaked in the knowledge dropped during three 5-minute presentations on the same theme (but from different angles).

In June, the topic was "Life in the Smart City" and featured talks by these three presenters (slide decks are embedded down below)

Jim StratigosCognosos  "How cheap sensors can make cities better"

Matt Foreman, AT&T Smart Cities - Atlanta Operations  "What's happening in Midtown and Georgia Tech"

Rohit Malhotra, Center for Civic Innovation  "How we make it a Smart City for everyone"

Want to be part of the next Hump Day Exchange? Check the event calendar for tickets so you can attend the next time it gathers. It's held the second Wednesday from 5-7pm in The Garage under Tech Square