Hump Day Exchange: Dummies Talking About AI

The 8th episode of Hump Day Exchange talks about all things Artificial Intelligence, from self-driving trucking to how AI will change the job field as we know it. We spoke with experts Dr. David Joyner of Georgia Tech’s Design Intelligence Lab, Roy Russo, VP of Engineering at Predikto, and Jackson Morgan, Georgia Tech student and winner of AT&T’s IoT Hackathon.

For our new listeners, Hump Day Exchange is one part social gathering of the Tech Square community and one part podcast recording. Each month, after sharing some food and drink (from an automated bartender, no less) we explore one topic from three perspectives. Each guest goes into the hot seat to talk with our host 1:1, then all three guests engage in a roundtable conversation. We end with questions from the live studio audience.

Ever wonder if AI has the potential to take over the world? When everyone will have self-driving cars? And how the relationship between humans and technology will continue to change with developing AI? Listen to the podcast below to find out as we delve into all of these answers and more.

Hump Day Exchange presented in partnership between Sandbox ATLATDC, and GT's Scheller College of Business