Tech Square Tries: Relay Bike Share

The Relay bike share program recently expanded to 500 bikes in Atlanta! We decided to give the service a try using the bike station located right in the middle of Tech Square on 5th street.  We got three bikes and headed to Rreal Taco for lunch. We didn't travel far (about half a mile), but we discovered a few things on our journey:

1. The bike: The bikes are good quality.  Sure, they're are a bit heavy, but that helps them withstand the elements and Atlanta's streets.

2. Availability: There are 15 available bikes at the 5th Street bike station. We've seen all 15 in use before, so check the Relay app beforehand to make sure there's a bike available when you need one.

3. The app: We couldn't figure out how to rent more than one bike from a single app, so everybody who's renting a bike needs to download the app themselves. This was kind of a bummer. 

4. Cost: The fees are a bit confusing. The signage says $9/hour, but there are daily, monthly, and annual options for a membership fee that you have to pay up front. The daily "pay as you go" rate of $3.50 includes 30 minutes of ride time, after which you pay $0.15/minute. Want full details? Get 'em here.

5. The fine print: If you lock the bike to a regular bike rack around the city, you can put the bike "On Hold," which secures the lock; but you still get charged $0.15 per minute for that hold time. You might be better off to find a Relay station close to your stopping point, return the bike, and re-rent it when you're ready to ride some more. 

Have you tried Relay Bike Share yet?  Let us know how you liked it in the video's comments