Hump Day Exchange: Drones by Land, Sea, and Air

It is not uncommon these days to hear zipping noises and look up in the sky to see someone flying their drone. Although drones are either autonomous or remote-controlled, the predictions of George Jetson's car have started to turn into reality. Drones are being used in a variety of industries from delivering pharmaceuticals to rural areas, to disaster relief, to designing better traffic systems. 

We spoke with Troels Adrian, Director of Supply Chain Ecosystem Expansion for the Atlanta Metro Chamber, Nick Willard, professional drone racer, and Justin Lee, CEO of Intellectual Ingenuity. Listen to this episode of the Hump Day Exchange podcast, where we discover the newest innovation in drones, how drones can help us, and what it's like to be a drone racer.

Hump Day Exchange is one part social gathering of the Tech Square community and one part podcast recording. Each month, after sharing some food and drink, we explore one topic from three perspectives. Each guest goes into the hot seat to talk with our host 1:1, then all three guests engage in a roundtable conversation. We end with questions from the live studio audience.

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