Digital Nomadism Made Easy

With remote work on the rise, the options for your 'office' become limitless. Grab your laptop and head to Mallorca for the week -- who's stopping you? Yet too often, the glamorous dream of working abroad disintegrates into lonely days at a coffee shop with bad WiFi, and lonely nights at a hotel bar with bad company.

No more, says NomadX founders Dave Williams, Steven Allen, and Graham Novak. The team came up with the idea for NomadX in 2016, and met regularly at The Garage in May, 2017 to develop the concept. The goal? Create a platform to give remote workers a chance to break away from their boring routine and explore the world.

After a successful launch party held at Orpheus Brewing Company, the NomadX team packed their bags. Ready to launch their first program, they brought 25 digital nomads to Lisbon, Portugal. This adventurous crew got all the perks of working abroad, with none of the downside. We're talking fully furnished rooms and 24/7 workspace access. But with all that work, there's gotta be some play, too, right? NomadX has it all covered, offering exciting excursions like surfing lessons and social events.

via  Nomadx

NomadX quickly injects digital nomads into a community of like-minded individuals, giving them a home-away-from-home... except way better.

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