Tech Square Tries: Cypress Pint and Plate

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Cypress Pint and Plate is a classic sports bar, with a local feel to it.  It's one of the few full bars within walking distance of Tech Square, about 3 minutes.  Located on the corner of Cypress and 6th St., it offers plenty of outside and inside seating.  



For this review Tech Square ATL invited Sommy Khalaj from the community to give his opinions below.

Sommy is a Mechanical Engineering student at Georgia Tech.  Previously the captain, he plays for the Georgia Tech Soccer team and has just started taking some masters classes for engineering.


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Walking in, you'll instantly notice the many beer taps in the center of the bar, we counted a total of 14.  The selection is always revolving, but they usually have Sweetwater IPA on as their "house beer" for $3 all day.

We looked through their daily lunch specials, but decided to pick a few standouts on the menu.

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The Sublime Doughnut burger: Everyone thinks the doughnut burger is going to be too much to handle. The thought is that you're going to get a super sweet custard filled doughnut, but its not. The sweetness actually mostly comes from the caramelized onions. Don't automatically turn away from it, it's just like a soft bun.  Sommy describes it as a classic salty burger, and might be the best thing on the menu. 

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The Black and Blue Salad is a mix of greens, blackened chicken, and blue cheese.  This is Jared's favorite thing to get here, and says it's the best salad in Tech Square.


At night, it can get pretty crowded when school is in session, and they offer a late night menu. With daily specials including $2 taco Mondays, Trivia Wednesdays, and a killer brunch on the weekend, Cypress is a popular spot. We would come here multiple times a week for both lunch and dinner, or just a beer. It's a great place to treat your coworkers to without breaking the bank.

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