The Eclipse in Tech Square

On the third Monday in August of 2017, a large shadow was cast over many parts of the country, including Tech Square.  While Tech Square didn't experience totality of the eclipse, we still reached 97%. It was still a sight to be seen for many people who were prepared with special eclipse glasses, or custom made shoe-box viewers. 

The Georgia Tech campus had a spectacle in the middle of campus, allowing the public to enjoy moon pies, live feeds of the eclipse from their observatory, and allowing people to "hear the eclipse" - all thanks to the College of Sciences.  Researchers from Georgia Tech created original compositions live, by analyzing the movements of the sun and moon through synthesizers, allowing the visually impaired to enjoy this rare experience.

The eclipse allowed a massive amount of people to share a striking personal experience all at the same time.  Even if it was only for about an hour, this time served as a mental reset for many and marked the start of new beginnings; whether it was your first day back to school, or maybe the beginnings of a new project. Watch our video recap to see how Tech Square and Georgia Tech observed this once in a lifetime event.