Create-X Demo Day

Over the course of the summer, 33 teams went through the Georgia Tech Create-X Startup Launch program. Teams are accepted after rounds of interviews where they present their startup idea to the coaches. Once accepted, each team receives $20,000 of seed money, donated by Christopher Klaus. This was the fourth Demo Day, where teams showcase the culmination of all their hard work from the summer.

Create-X coaches Dr. Siva, and Sanjay Parekh spoke at the event, remarking that their goal is to facilitate the creation of 300 new student companies each year. Georgia Tech President, Dr. G.P. Bud Peterson also spoke and noted that there has been, "Phenomenal growth in Tech Square with 20 innovation centers". The main goal of this program is to give students the option to pursue their own goals and projects while in school or immediately after graduation.


24 of the teams presented in the Egyptian Ballroom inside the Fox Theatre, and every single presenter had incredibly engaging pitches and slides. Here are a few highlights:


Eddy Motorworks, which has just completed their Electrocet, the fastest electric track-car out there. This team also does electric conversions and can convert any car of your choosing to an electric vehicle.




NexxChair, a platform designed to connect makeup artists to clients. The company already has many users and has facilitated the makeup connections for a number of events in the fashion, movie and wedding industries in Atlanta. 



InternBlitz, a web platform that makes the grueling experience of finding and filling out internship applications 1000x easier. They already have over 5,000 job postings on their site, as well as thousands of users.

Mandala Soundworks, which presented their musical algorithm system called Rechord, which can listen to any guitar play and transcribe it into digital sheet music. 



iSimu VR, Georgia's Premier Virtual Reality Arcade, which is already open and in action. They have built their own arcade rigged for multiple VR stations, as well as a VR game management platform for other arcades.



TopTime Coffee Co., with their first location inside Torched Hop Brewery, this team is bringing engineering to coffee by building their own customized roaster, as well as fully-plumbed coffee carts. As they revolutionize the way Atlanta does coffee, you'll start seeing these carts pop up all around town.


The demo room afterwards was packed shoulder to shoulder with audience members surrounding the different startup's booths. Attendees got to test out the electric drum set, get their makeup done, and play with the other platforms presented. Be sure to attend next year's Demo Day, as it only gets more impressive each year.