The Boatload: Tech Square Trading Cards

Ready to have your mind blown? We’re publishing all trading cards in our library that we haven’t shared yet. Scroll through the faces below and try to wrap your head around the richness of talent that calls Tech Square home.

From entrepreneurs to makers; coders to civic hackers, the neighborhood is chock full of friendly faces building the future of technology.

Read on to get to know them, and say hi next time you cross paths. Because you never know where that spark of connection might lead. 

Haven’t been featured in a trading card yet? Be sure to redeem your Tech Square ATL membership and keep your eyes open for when we announce the 2018 trading card production run.

Batch 43

Batch 44

Batch 45

Batch 46

Batch 47

Batch 48

Batch 49

Batch 50

Batch 51

Batch 52

Batch 53