The Hot Seat: Talk Data to Me

Editor’s Note: We’ve repackaged our flagship podcast for 2018. What was formerly known as Hump Day Exchange is now The Hot Seat. Enjoy.


Some say data is the new oil. 

Consider: oil provides fuel for commerce. It pollutes. Wars are fought over it; wars are fought with it. Is data headed down that same path? 

Tech Square is full of people shaping the future of technology--including the future of data. In this episode of The Hot Seat podcast, we asked three bold experts to predict how data will affect our lives in the next five years.

Hear from Aamir Goriawala of HoneywellCarl Bedingfield of AT&T Foundry, and Rahul Basole of Georgia Tech. A lively roundtable discussion and Q&A caps it all off. 

The Hot Seat is published in partnership with ATDC, with special support from the Georgia Center of Innovation - IT. 

This episode was recorded live at Show&Tell: Talk Data To Me, which was hosted in partnership with Georgia Centers of Innovation and Honeywell.

To see photos of the event, visit Tech Square ATL on Facebook.