The Hot Seat: A Day in the Life of a Developer

Software is eating the world. While artificial intelligence is making progress, the AI software isn't going to write itself. After all, that’s what software developers do.

So what's it like to be a software developer? The role has grown exponentially to cover an array of different functions from Dev Ops to Cyber Security to Web Developer.  

That's why the Tech Square Job Fair team assembled software developers to connect with job seekers (present and future) to find out what it’s really like to work as a developer in a variety of settings.  Listen in for some major insights. 

Melisa Griffin, Keysight Technologies
Vincent Haines, Honeywell  
Carl Bedingfield, AT&T Foundry
Nicolas Palpacuer, AT&T Foundry
Kevin Carlson, Florence Healthcare
Ben Hirsch, Sideqik
Sage Gerard, Evident
Kevin Gibby, Keysight Technologies
Eric Pate, FIXD
Peter Finn, SalesLoft
Damian Starosielsky, Evident
Jeremy Haile, Sideqik

This podcast was recorded during the Tech Square Job Fair Spring 2018 series as part of the March 6 Mentor Circle. Thank you to our partners at ATDC and ChooseATL for making this all possible.