Georgia Tech Students Build Nationwide Internship Platform

InternBlitz makes it easier for students around the country to find internships. 

A couple years ago, when InternBlitz founder Murtaza Bambot sent out 125 applications for internships and only got three responses, he knew something had to change.  

His solution? A better job board that simplifies the daunting and time-consuming application process. NPR called InternBlitz "The Common App" for internships

At the time of publishing, the platform had over 18,000 users. Not bad for a product Bambot and a few friends built in their dorm room. 

What started as a side project turned into a full-time pursuit when the idea was accepted to Georgia Tech's Create-X program. 

Now, Bambot's biggest goal is to hit 100,000 users by the end of 2018. 

Learn more about InternBlitz by visiting