Show&Tell: Connected Cities/AI

September 10 - The Garage at Tech Square


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Show&Tell: It’s one part science fair and one part home computer home brew club. For this iteration, we explored the emerging technologies of connected cities and artificial intelligence. Companies and researchers showed off their experiments which ranged from crazy prototypes to fully deployed systems.

A Quick Level Set: Connected Cities/AI

Before the written word, connections were tangible and immediate. With the dawn of the Victorian Internet (aka the telegraph), connections evolved to include the ephemeral and invisible.

With the modern Internet, ubiquity of connected devices, and emergence of artificial intelligence, these connections don’t require humans anymore. Devices connecting with other devices generating terabytes of data for software to review and take action without human involvement. How will connected devices and artificial intelligence alter our cities, towns, and communities?

We conducted a quick poll of everyone who registered for this Show&Tell asking them “How will connected devices and/or AI disrupt your industry?”

  • In complex technology sales, our customers are asking for automation, issue resolution and detailed monitoring. - Sudesh Girdhari

  • Add more customer and business insights but also more security concerns - Kelvia Burrell

  • I see retail being disrupted by changing the buying venue. - Andrew Igharo

  • They’ll make commercial property service vendors more productive. - Anne Dahnhof

  • They will completely reshape the day to day activities - Paul Wertz

  • Andrii Danylov sent us the link to the Colorado Department of Transportation’s RoadX program

  • Connected devices would certainly help put for more digital processes in the general aviation market. It is still paper based currently. - Sunit Kulkarni

  • Chris Heaton throws down the gauntlet with this “Fully connected devices and the people that use them will revolutionize my industry. AI may very well destroy it, depending on whether or not the machines allow us to continue to ‘update’ their firmware.”

Following a brief introduction, we dove into a series of five minute predictions for how life will be shaped by these technologies five years from now. Then the guests took questions from the audience before everyone returned to exploring the science fair exhibits.

thank YOU to The Podcast’s GUESTS:

Nate Damen, ATLtvhead
Heather Alhadeff, City of Atlanta Planning Department
Craig Greenfield, Comcast Business
Alison Powers, thysssenkrup
Luigi Ray-Montanez, Code for America

Shout out to everyone who shared their experiments:

  • ATLtvhead

  • Acorn Product Development

  • TensorFlow

  • Info and Comms Lab of GTRI

  • Machine Q/Comcast Business

  • Quest Renewables

  • City of Atlanta

  • AT&T Foundry

  • Southern Company

  • ThingTech

  • KQ Sensors

  • CitiLabs

Show&Tell: Connected Cities/AI was made possible by Comcast Business.

Special shout out to the Technology Association of Georgia for the IoT Converge event and for providing all the tasty food enjoyed during the Show&Tell.