Show&Tell: Health and Wellness

This season’s Show&Tell featured 17 exhibitors showing off their research and advancements in the Health and Wellness field. During the event at The Garage at Tech Square, four speakers were invited to share their predictions on how technology will impact this industry within the next five years.


Sam Zamarripa (Intent Solutions)
“Most of us are really not going to change the world. We’re going to change the way people understand the world, and that is the basis for change.”

Hadiyah-Nicole Green (Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation)
“Lasers and nano-particles will be used to treat cancer at the site of the tumor. If we can get a satellite in outer space, to pinpoint any singular cell phone, anywhere in the planet, why can’t we use that kind of precision to treat cancer?”

Hans Troemel (Panasonic Automotive)
“As we try to drive vehicles in a safe manner, we have to understand the cognitive state of the individual. When ordering automated car services, we will want to measure an individual’s comfort level.”

Tee Faircloth (Coordinated Care)
“The healthcare system will be changed by reducing health costs, working with rural hospitals to funnel more patients to them, from the higher populated urban hospitals.”

Listen to their full predictions on Soundcloud, or by subscribing to the Tech Square ATL podcast.