Nostalgic About the Future with GVU

The GVU Center at Georgia Tech recently celebrated its 25th anniversary with an exhibition titled "Nostalgic Futures," which resurfaces projects from GVU's archives to explore what technologists of the past thought the future would be like. 

"In the early days, a lot of the research that was being done here was about graphical user interfaces -- being able to use a mouse," said Clint Zeagler, program manager of Georgia Tech's Wearable Computing Center and co-lead of the project. Gradually the scope broadened. Now, "GVU reaches out across campus to build collaborations between computer science and other disciplines, like the arts or engineering." One example of such collaborations? The recent performance art piece CHARACTERS, which featured wearable technology created by Zeagler. 

Watch the video to learn more about GVU's work in human-computer interaction, including the Krakatoa Chronicle, AR/VR launchpad, and Electronic Textile Interface Swatchbook.