Hump Day Exchange: Smart Cities and IoT

This month’s Hump Day Exchange featured three experts who are each leveraging sensors and real-time data analytics to make cities better places to live, work, and move around. Guests included Kirk Talbott, Deputy CIO of the City of Atlanta; Sarah Ming Hsi, Assistant General Manager of Information Technology and CIO of MARTA; Christian Kotscher, CEO and Founder MetroTech Net.

Hump Day Exchange is one part social gathering of the Tech Square community and one part podcast recording. Each month, after sharing some food and drink (from an automated bartender, no less) we explore one topic from three perspectives. Each guest goes into the hot seat to talk with our host 1:1, then all three guests engage in a roundtable conversation. We end with questions from the live studio audience.

In this episode, we consider questions like: How much does it cost exactly to build a cellular network underground? Can sensors really improve the grim state of Atlanta traffic? What do we mean by “intelligent transportation”? And perhaps the greatest mystery of all: is “smart city” the new “cloud”?

Find the answers and so much more in the podcast below. And if you want to engage further in Atlanta’s smart city initiative, sign up for the MARTA Hackathon: Smart City and IoT on February 24-25.

Hump Day Exchange presented in partnership between Sandbox ATLATDC, and GT's Scheller College of Business