Hump Day Exchange: The Downside of Disruption

While we’re pretty into tech around here, we know technology isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Episode 11 of Hump Day Exchange featured three guests shining light on some of the social and economic consequences of disruptive innovation.

Hump Day Exchange is one part social gathering of the Tech Square community and one part podcast recording. Each month, after sharing some food and drink, we explore one topic from three perspectives. Each guest goes into the hot seat to talk with our host 1:1, then all three guests engage in a roundtable conversation. We end with questions from the live studio audience.

This time, we interviewed Louise Wasilewski, CEO of ATDC company Acivilate; Frank Fernandez, VP of Community Development at the Arthur Blank Foundation; and Duriya Farooqui, Executive Director of the Atlanta Committee for Progress.

How can government realize the same efficiencies the private sector has enjoyed for years? How can we ensure community development truly benefits the entire community? And how do we build the type of private and public partnerships that can create lasting change? Sit back and pop on your most comfortable headphones, because we explore all that and more in the podcast. 

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