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A Big Day in the Square

It's not often that one single day encapsulates the full story of what it means to live, work, and create in Tech Square, the heart of Atlanta's tech scene. Yet on April 13, five separate events converged to tell the story of the Southeast’s favorite Innovation District.

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"Characters" showcases the interplay of art and science

Georgia Tech, hallowed halls of all things left brain, lit up both cerebral hemispheres with an arts and technology collaboration turned performance art piece hosted at the Ferst Center on March 5, 2017.

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Hump Day Exchange: Your Robot Overlords

Hump Day Exchange is one part social gathering of the Tech Square community and one part podcast recording. In episode 2, the topic was "Your Robot Overlords" delving into the intersection of robotics and artificial intelligence. Guests included Barry Clark from SoftWear Automation, Dan McCarley from Gozio, and Keith McGreggor from Georgia Tech. Click to open the story and listen to the episode.

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