Hump Day Exchange: Smart Cities and IoT

In this month's podcast episode, we consider questions like: How much does it cost exactly to build a cellular network underground? Can sensors really improve the grim state of Atlanta traffic? What do we mean by “intelligent transportation”? And perhaps the greatest mystery of all: is “smart city” the new “cloud”?

MARTA Finds A Helping Hand

Starting last fall, MARTA has found many willing helpers in the Atlanta technology community. Teaming up with Sandbox ATL, Code for Atlanta, Hack GT and other community groups, MARTA launched a yearlong strategic technology initiative to create the next great thing in Atlanta transit. 

Spotlight: ThyssenKrupp

ThyssenKrupp is a German company dedicated to transforming the elevator industry. Why build its Research Innovation Center in Tech Square? To be close to the epicenter of breakthrough talent and research, of course. 

Trading Cards: Batch 9

Looking for experts in brand design, customer experience, IT, photography, design thinking, artificial intelligence, narrowband IoT, or breakdancing? Well, look no further. Batch 9 of Tech Square trading cards has landed. 

Spotlight: Emerson

Emerson applies machine learning technology to refrigeration systems. “You’ve probably never heard of Emerson before,” explains Director of Innovation John Wallace, “but if you’ve shopped at a grocery store, convenience store, gas station, dollar store, or pharmacy, you’ve interacted with our equipment.” The team leverages their Tech Square location by driving partnerships with other startup companies.  

Trading Cards: Batch 8

It takes all kinds. And we've got all kinds. From students to entrepreneurs, to makers and administrators, Tech Square is chock full of the breakthrough talent you would expect of Atlanta's Innovation District. Looking for experts in mechatronics, Java, system engineering, or tourism? We've got you covered. Take a peek. 

Spotlight: Home Depot

Tech Square is home to The Home Depot’s Technology Center, where a dedicated team of innovators operates outside the shadow of The Home Depot’s corporate office. Anthony Gregorio, Global Innovation Lead, says sharing ideas, challenges, and successes with his counterparts at other enterprise innovation centers in the area, like Delta and AT&T Foundry, is an essential part of being in the neighborhood. 

Trading Cards: Batch 7

New Year, New Faces! This week's Tech Square Trading Cards are eager to share their expertise in cars, music, marketing, product market fit, lean startup strategy, and more. Take a peek to see who's who in Tech Square this week. 

Trading Cards: Batch 6

Tech Square is home to a Top MBA Program and ten Top 10 Engineering Programs. Distinguished students from all over the world live, study, and work in Tech Square. Students here offer expertise in content strategy, software engineering, Ruby, Andriod, iOS, video editing, digital music, and more. Check out a few of these students in the latest and greatest installment of Tech Square Trading Cards. 

Spotlight: Fixd

Not sure whether you need to pull over in the next 10 seconds or 10 miles when that check engine light comes on? Don’t panic – ATDC company Fixd has a product that quickly decodes the mystery of the scariest 194 watts known to man. CEO John Gattuso loves working in Tech Square because it fosters a get-your-hands-dirty work ethic for people who are really trying to build something that people want.  

Trading Cards: Batch 5

Seven distinct startup accelerators are located within the blocks of Tech Square. It's hard to go for a stroll in this neighborhood without bumping into an innovative entrepreneur or student researcher on the verge of a breakthrough. Get to know the faces behind this week's trading cards. 

Spotlight: EngeniusMicro

EngeniusMicro is an ATDC company which uses micro- and nano-scale sensors to collect data to ensure the safety and reliability of chemical tank storage in industrial parks. Chris Heaton says being part of the Tech Square ecosystem is invaluable because of the knowledge shared among engineers, startup catalysts, and entrepreneurs. 

Trading Cards: Batch 4

Did you know there are 10 research laboratories located within Tech Square? Yep, this is an amazing place. And these are just a few of the people who make Tech Square the vibrant ecosystem it is. This week we're bringing you experts in digital marketing, Solidworks, international trade, and swimming - and oh, so much more. Take a look. 


Spotlight: AT&T Foundry

The AT&T Foundry is one of six foundries across the nation that search for technologies which enhance or refine existing AT&T products. The Atlanta Foundry focuses on innovations for access, home, and cars.  AT&T chose to locate in Tech Square because they’re looking for the very best talent to bring innovation to life. 

Trading Cards: Batch 3

Tech Square is home to over 200 startups, ten Top 10 Engineering Programs, and 15 corporate innovation centers. Needless to say, the neighborhood is chock full of bright, dynamic movers and shakers. This week's edition is made up of experts in emergency management, data visualizations, machining, photography, and Python. Get to know them.