Finding Breakthrough Talent at the Tech Square Job Fair

From startup companies to major enterprises, everybody needs great talent. This spring, ATDC and Keysight teamed up with Sandbox ATL to host the third consecutive Tech Square Job Fair. This biannual event is Tech Square’s solution to connect breakthrough talent with the breakthrough companies right in their own backyard.  

Hump Day Exchange: Harvesting Innovation

Atlanta is a multisector of opportunities for collaboration and is on the rise in terms of startup growth and innovation. Listen to find out what inclusive innovation is, to learn the differences between corporate and startup venture, and where the next big markets lie.

Batch 21: Tech Square Trading Cards

Want to know where to find your local Elasticsearch, Portfolio Management, Social Media Marketing, or Enterprise Solutions talent? Give your search a headstart with this batch of Tech Square Trading Cards, and check in for new talent every week.

Spotlight: eTL Lab

The Experimental Television Lab challenges the ways that viewers watch and interact with televisual media. Recently, the eTV Lab took Gundam and made it into GundamVR. The eTV Lab’s spotlight lets us see this brand new way to watch anime.

Spotlight: Georgia Film Office

Lee Thomas, deputy commissioner of the Georgia Film, Music, and Digital Entertainment Office, helps convince film and television projects to work right here in Georgia. Watch the spotlight to find out where your favorite TV shows and films were shot around the state. 

Hump Day Exchange: Blurring the Lines of Reality

This month's episode of Hump Day Exchange focuses on the expanding fields of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. Listen to find out how far current technology has already taken us, where the biggest need for development in the industry is, and what ethical questions might arise in the future. 

Spotlight: IPaT

IPaT, the Institute for People and Technology, connects industry and government organizations with Georgia Tech researchers to maximize their social impact. Ashton Pellom, the communications officer for IPaT, shares how Tech Square is capable of producing groundbreaking research.

Show&Tell: VR/AR

The first-ever Show&Tell Showcase featured experts in virtual reality and augmented reality making predictions for what's up next for these innovative technologies. Listen and learn as Dr. Maribeth Gundy, Raj Aluri, and Ian Nott share their research.