5 Quotes From 500 Startups

By hosting events and facilitating conversations like the Diversity and Inclusion Summit, Tech Square can take an active role in ensuring this is the best place to live, work, and play for every type of breakthrough talent. 

Show&Tell: Smart Cities

The latest Show&Tell focused on Smart Cities. Listen as Vincent Haines from Honeywell, Colton Griffin from WMSight, and Georgia Tech graduate student Nathaniel Horodam share their insights on the bright - and not so bright - future of this emerging technology trend. 

Batch 24: Tech Square Trading Cards

Did you know that you can search for Tech Square Trading Cards from a company? Browse all the past, present, and future Trading Card batches to see the generalists, coders, administrators, entrepreneurs, and more that work and learn in Tech Square.

Spotlight: NotifiVR

Sarthak Ghosh, a second-year MSCS student, has spent a year working on NotifiVR for his master's project. NotifiVR integrates notifications and information sharing while immersed in VR. It's not just a way to check Facebook, it's the frontier of human-computer interaction happening right here in Tech Square.

A Big Day in the Square

It's not often that one single day encapsulates the full story of what it means to live, work, and create in Tech Square, the heart of Atlanta's tech scene. Yet on April 13, five separate events converged to tell the story of the Southeast’s favorite Innovation District.

Batch 23: Tech Square Trading Cards

Tech Square has breakthrough talent in the fields of operations, project managing, marketing, and...brewing? The daunting breadth of self-reported expertise helps ensure that every batch of Tech Square Trading Cards contains an eye-opening glimpse at the heart of Atlanta's tech scene.

Spotlight: Integrated MEMS Lab

Farrokh Ayazi, Director of the Integrated MEMS Lab at Georgia Tech, helps integrate circuits for precision measurements. These measurements are rather precise, capable of measuring heartbeats and guiding navigational devices. Check out the technology behind tomorrow's gadgets, gizmos, and tools being developed here in Tech Square.

Batch 22: Tech Square Trading Cards

Now that The Book is hot off the virtual press, we can go back to printing some fresh new trading cards. Keep an eye out for creative writers, tax accountants, mechanical engineers, sales experts, and other areas of breakthrough talent in Tech Square

Finding Breakthrough Talent at the Tech Square Job Fair

From startup companies to major enterprises, everybody needs great talent. This spring, ATDC and Keysight teamed up with Sandbox ATL to host the third consecutive Tech Square Job Fair. This biannual event is Tech Square’s solution to connect breakthrough talent with the breakthrough companies right in their own backyard.  

Hump Day Exchange: Harvesting Innovation

Atlanta is a multisector of opportunities for collaboration and is on the rise in terms of startup growth and innovation. Listen to find out what inclusive innovation is, to learn the differences between corporate and startup venture, and where the next big markets lie.